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Relief for Immigrants, Attempts to Deter Foreign Election Interference and Failed Resolutions to Condemn Foreign Arms Sales

Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Assistance and Security at the Southern Border Act, 2019 (HR 3401) – This legislation provides $4.5 billion in emergency supplemental appropriations to federal departments and agencies for humanitarian assistance and security to respond to migrants … Continue reading

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How the Accountant Role has Morphed with Technology, and What New Skills are Necessary

Accountants are no strangers to inventions. Known inventions such as the abacus, calculators and computers have helped complete tasks quickly and in less time. However, today’s technology is complex and is reshaping the world of accounting. Such new technologies include … Continue reading

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Pass It On: Accounting Tips to Share With Kids

It’s never too early to helps kids understand accounting – the concepts of earning and spending. Here are a few ways to teach your little ones about how money works and even have a little fun. Play Money Games One … Continue reading

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Proposed Changes For Retirement Plans

Laws regarding retirement savings plans don’t change all that often or all that much. Occasionally, new regulations are issued mandating disclosures that no one ever reads – and inflation-adjusted contribution limits tend to inch up each year. However, there is … Continue reading

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How Will the July 17, 2019 Beige Book Impact the Economy?

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) recently met at the close of July, bringing to light many questions on the Federal Reserve’s future monetary policy. While there was much speculation that the Fed would lower the federal funds rate at … Continue reading

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Understanding and Applying Accounting Reports and Ratios

When it comes to tracking incoming sales and outgoing expenses, there are many ways businesses can keep up with their invoices and implement strategies to reduce the time they spend on unpaid sales. Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio Simply defined, the … Continue reading

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3 Big Tax Issues to Look Out for in Your Estate Plan

There are three big tax issues that can derail an otherwise well-executed estate plan. These include Family Limited Partnerships, Revocable Trust Swap Powers and Trust Situs. Below we explore the pitfalls with each issue. Fixing FLPs Family Limited Partnerships (FLP) … Continue reading

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  与新客户初次会面时,经常会被问及我所是一间有多“进取”的会计师事务所。在这情况下,我们一定会做出这样的回应:“在法律允许的范围内,我们会采取一切的方法,确保客户向国税局支付最低的税额。”同时,我们也会明确表示 :当我们有理由怀疑客户所提供的报税资料没有确实凭证时,我们就会拒绝为他们服务。为什么?因为专业会计师的职责是确保客户不会在税务上招麻烦。 要精确的报税需要准备很多的数据材料及凭证。商业报税需要准备的数据信息更为繁复,所以偶尔难免会有遗漏,这种情况是可以理解接受的。但那些故意将个人开支作为业务支出,且没有按实际收支记录入账的刻意隐瞒虚报行为就是违法的。我们也有遇到客户在申报年度税时,所提供的年度财务数据是随意编造的。当他们知道用这些虚假数据计算出来的应付税款高于预期时,就会说还有其他商业支出没有记录入账。如果违规报税被国税局审计,那么省下的税钱瞬间变成一场噩梦。因为他们不仅要缴纳应付政府的税款,还要支付相应的罚款和利息,并可能会面临以欺诈而产生的刑事指控! 以下是一个真实案例: 在康涅狄格州,有一个拥有三家餐馆的32岁老板承认在2013至2015纳税年度期间隐瞒欺骗应付税款达$122,000美元。该商人被控协助和提交虚假税务申报表,认罪后最高可判处三年有期徒刑,最高罚款$250,000美元,并需将所欠税款完全归还国税局。 以下是这位商人的瞒税手法: 把营业现金收入从收银柜台取走,并没有存入餐馆的银行账户。 所聘记账员和会计师只能通过银行记录来计算业务总收入,被拿走而未存入银行账户的现金并没有申报给国税局。 以现金方式支付员工部分或全部工资,并没有把这些现金支付的工资税如实申报缴纳。 用收取的现金支付各项开支并且从不将这些收支入账,这样就减少向国税局申报的收入,从而减少需缴纳税款。 这位商人自以为避税的好方法,在被查到后,除了需要缴纳所欠税款外,还要额外支付罚款和超过$50,000美元的利息。 收取现金及用现金支付商业开支是合法的,但是必需要如实记录入账。如果您的朋友,甚至是专业的税务顾问告诉您只要是现金收支是可以不入账的,这样就可以减少应付税款。请您不要相信这是一个省税的好方法。每位专业的税务从业者都必须遵守财务部发表的第230公告(Treasury Department Circular),其中 10.21指出:“税务从业者是有责任告知客户,若在税表中提供不合规、错误或遗漏准确真实的数据,所带来严重的后果。”税务顾问有责任向客户解释税法法规并协助他们遵守法律条例。 所以您如果需要寻找专业的会计师、税务顾问来协助您处理有关税务问题,必须选择一位能以诚信为基础的税务从业者来帮助您避免招惹税务上的麻烦。其实最佳的节税方法就是按税法规定和标准来做税务规划,这样您就能“岁税不忧”。 潘汉高会计师事务所 若有任何意见和查询,欢迎致电801-559-7730.  邮件地址:lchan@phgcpas.com

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Quick Action May Save You Hundreds of Dollars in Tax Savings

Prepaying Qualified Deductions in 2017 May Save You Hundreds of Dollars in Taxes!! Now that the tax bill has passed both the house and the senate, it will soon be signed by the president and become the law of the … Continue reading

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Five Things to Know about Estimated Taxes and Withholding

Five Things to Know about Estimated Taxes and Withholding (IRS Tax Tip 2017-70) With 10 million taxpayers a year facing estimated tax penalties, the IRS offers some simple tips to help prevent a surprise at tax time. People pay taxes … Continue reading

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