Strengthening the Supply Chain, the Professional Workforce, Cybersecurity and Coastal Ecosystems

Protecting SCOTUS, Veterans in Special Circumstances, Disaster Victims, Potential Firearm Victims, and America’s Water Resources

Rushing Baby Formula supplies, Helping Ukraine and Punishing Russia

Restricting Trade Relations with Russia, Enhancing U.S. Export Pathways, and Bearing Down on Cybercrime and Human Trafficking

Banning Masks, Banning Russian Oil, Making Lynching a Federal Hate Crime and Saving Sunshine

Relief for USPS Financial Requirements, Plus Support for Victims of Sexual Harassment and Online Child Exploitation

Pursuing Voting Rights, Critical Therapies, VA Online Education Benefits and Condemning Forced Labor

Raising the Debt Limit, Protecting the Capitol and Prohibiting Foreign Campaign Financing

Congress at Work: Infrastructure Spending, Hiring Veteran Health Heroes and Initiatives for Education, Childcare and Immigration

Increasing the Debt Limit, Extending Government Funding, and Protecting Vets, Veteran Moms and the Capitol Police