Business Valuation

There are many reasons business valuations are performed.
Below are the most common reasons to request our assistance.

  • Business Sale or Acquisition: It is essential to know the value of the sale or acquisition. Realistic expectations need to be established before negotiations begin.
  • Sellers need to have a realistic understanding what their business is worth before incurring the costs to list their business for sale. Buyers need to be able to support their offer. When both parties understand the underlying value of the business, sales occur much faster.
  • Legal Purposes: Often certain legal issues such as divorce, estate issues, and business partner disputes may require that a business valuation be performed to cure the issue.
  • Obtain Financing: A business valuation Salt Lake City performed by a valuation professional can also be instrumental in helping a buyer secure business acquisition financing for growth or expansion.

Both investors and lenders will feel more confident about their decision to provide capital.

  • Other: Other reasons to request a business valuation Salt Lake City include buy-sell agreements between business owners, gifting to children, estate planning, restricted stock valuation, wealth transfer and valuation of employee stock ownership plans.