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With over 30 years of experience, our team of CPAs are dedicated to assisting businesses and individuals with their tax and financial requirements. We pride ourselves in offering personalized services tailored to your needs with exceptional pricing. 

Our comprehensive services encompass tax consulting, preparation, and filing, as well as financial consulting, organization and planning. We specialize in providing valuable insights that enable our clients to enhance profits and minimize costs effectively.

We answer question like: 

  • How much is my business worth?
  • What items can I deduct off my taxes?
  • How do I better manage my wealth and increase my revenue?

See below for a detailed overview of each service we provide. Feel free to contact us and we’ll give you a free initial half-hour consultation.



Accounting & Bookkeeping

Leave it to us to do the boring work for you. We'll organize your transactions, analyze your financials, and create personalized reports to give you key financial insights.


Tax Preparation

Taxes are very complicated and can be hard to understand. We've been doing taxes for 40+ years and know how to help your company save money and avoid costly penalties.


Business Valuation

If you're ready to sell your business or trying to obtain financing, we can help you valuate your business so you understand how much your business is worth.



We'll make sure your payroll is submitted on time and correctly. We customize it to your needs and will pay your employees how you want.


Tech Consultant

Through our sister company ABS, we can help with your business and software needs. Develop a more efficient software system and excel in your industry.


Wealth Management

Every organization can benefit from an organized wealth management system. We'll provide a custom portfolio analysis so you get the best return on your investments.


Worth Every Penny!

I have been getting my taxes done with Doug Hansen for the past two years and he has been such an immense help! I sell on eBay and because of new laws, I have to include my eBay sales in my income. The first year, I tried doing them on my own and TurboTax told me I owed thousands of dollars! My dad, who has been going to Doug for years, told me I should see what he could do. I was so impressed. He was efficient and fast! After he took care of my taxes, I owed a small, way more reasonable amount. I will never go back to doing my own taxes. As long as Doug is a CPA, I will trust him with my taxes! I always thought having your taxes done professionally was super expensive so I was so surprised when I got my first bill. The pricing was so reasonable. Worth every penny to have the piece of mind that everything is done correctly.

Alex Matthews

eBay Reseller

Very Happy with this Firm

I have been very happy with PHG a Salt Lake City CPA firm. After working with them on behalf of a friend, I moved my personal business to them from a firm I had used for years. The work is good, they are always quickly available to answer QQs, and the fees are very reasonable.

Ann Legg

Extremely Knowledgeable

We have been working with Doug Hansen for our business and personal accounting and tax preparations needs for 16 years and have found him extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. He has helped us with complicated tax matters to a very satisfying conclusion. We have recommended him to family and friends and will continue to do so!

Susan Baird

Great Service and Professionalism

PHG, a Salt Lake City CPA firm, has done my taxes for years—always great service and professionalism. Recommend without reservations.

William Marchand


We bring professionalism to everything we do

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